X-4 Tools

Headquartered in Billerica Massachusetts, X-4 Tools is the world’s leader in torque multipliers and torque limiters – proudly made in America. X-4s have been on the job from air fields to oil fields and the battlefield to the local garage for decades.

X-4 Torque Multipliers provide ample power to loosen the toughest threaded fasteners -- generating torque from a few hundred pound-feet to thousands of pound-feet with precision and ease.

X-4 Torque Multipliers:

  • Planetary gear design allows one person to develop up to 12,000 foot pounds of torque
  • Compact design allows use in tight spaces — even flanges
  • Does not require air or electricity so it can be used anywhere
  • Can be used with a torque wrench to allow precision control of high torque pressure
  • High grade alloy steel parts provides maximum strength and service life
  • Provides steady pressure so there is no dangerous jarring impact

Use singly or stack up to three X-4s. Stacking multiplies torque ratios—and resulting torque can be considerable. Only the torque ratio changes; total capacity is equal to and does not exceed the capacity of the largest wrench in the stack.

When you invest in an X-4 you should know we stand beside you. An X-4 is not a cheaply made, throw-away tool. If it ever needs repair or refreshing, we service what we make and can rebuild your X-4 Torque Multiplier to original specifications.